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W. Rigdon Appraisal Service - What Makes Us Great
Being an appraiser in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada has been my chosen profession for the past several years. While the industry has continued to changed, especially due to the "great" Recession of 2008 which has been worse on Clark County than almost anywhere else, the quality service that I have provided has remained relatively constant. This is not a large firm, most of the work gets done by one person, and you can contact me and ask me about an assignment and I will know everything about it. You don't need to deal with people who don't know what is going on with your appraisal order.

Quality Appraisal Service with a Quick Turnaroun Time
Ask us for a quote. We can't always answer the phone, but we will get back to you and usually we are very competitive. Our work has been accepted by most major banks, we turn arround assignments in 24 to 48 hours. We utilize the latest technology and ACI software.

Appraisal Education
Our appraisal-related experience started with CCSN course work in structural inspection. Over the last several years we have taken appraisal courses and continuing educational courses from the Appraisal Institute, the Lied Institute at UNLV, from Kaplan Professional Schools, from the Nevada Real Estate Division, from the Lincoln Graduate Center, from the American Society of Appraisers and from the Institute for Real Estate and Appraisal Studies.

Appraisal Experience
We originally began our training as a structural inspector in 1998 or about 14 years ago and then switched from training in the inspection industry to being trained as an Appraisal Intern. We worked as an Appraisal Intern and as a Licensed Appraiser for several years before we decided to work on our own as W Rigdon Appraisal. We have met all of the Nevada licensing requirements for the appraisal of residential and commercial properties.

Immediate Contact for Orders
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